Old Maids Podcast!

My friend (and Honestly Charlotte artist) Beth Morrell and her friend and co-host Cheryl Massingill were lovely enough to have me guest on their podcast, Old Maids.

We talked about the pros and cons of the single life in your 30s, one of my favourite episodes of Gilmore Girls, Cheryl’s online dating adventures, and we finished things off by inventing a TV show via everyone’s favourite retro party game, MASH. I had fun doing it and I hope you’ll have fun listening to it.

Listen here: Old Maids Episode 28: Gilmore Girls – The Incredible Sinking Lorelais with Stevie Jackson

Well, This Is Unexpected!

I have a little news that I’m still getting my head around. Honestly Charlotte recently screened at the Big Bang International Short Film Festival based in Greece, and a few days ago I learned that I had been recognized with the award for Actress in a Leading Role.

This was on top of the film winning a Remi award for our director, Sarah Hedar, at WorldFest Houston in Texas last month. My head might be spinning a little.

I’m flattered by my award and so happy for Sarah, and so proud of our little film and the whole team that made it happen, most especially my partner Joan Macbeth, without whom none of this would have happened.

Here a a couple of photos; Sarah was unable to attend the festival in Houston so that’s our crew member Kat Hudgens, who happened to be in Texas and was kind enough to accept the award in her place.

We’re about to start filming Honestly Charlotte: The Series, and our Indiegogo is still go-going! I’ll have more news soon.

Go, Charlotte, Go!

I’m VERY excited to announce that our Indiegogo campaign is live! In just a couple of days, we have already raised 1/4 of our goal! Check out our campaign video below:

We are asking for $8000 to fund a six-episode season of Honestly Charlotte. Where will the money go? To pay for cast and crew wages, equipment rentals, location rentals, insurance, transportation, catering (gotta feed your people!), artwork, props, and post-production costs like editing, sound & music, color-correction, etc.

And what do you get? Aside from supporting artists and helping us make the best show possible, we have some excellent perks lined up at a variety of funding levels. You can choose from digital artwork or a high quality copy of the show, a chance to come and help us out on set, or just public thanks. And if you’re local to the Vancouver area, Stevie will even bake for you!

Click here to check out the full campaign, and please help us spread the word. Even if you’re not in a position to donate, your support means so much to us.

Thank you!

Charlotte Wins an Award!


I’m delighted to report that Honestly Charlotte has been recognized as a Remi Award winning film by the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. We’ll find out the exact nature of the award when it’s presented at their gala later this month, where one of our crew members will be representing us.

We’ve also had a few more festival acceptances and pre-production on Honestly Charlotte: The Series is ongoing; look for our crowdfunding campaign coming soon.

Finally, there is STILL TIME to see Honestly Charlotte for free, but not for much longer. Until April 30th, you can watch and rate Honestly Charlotte as it competes in the Big Bang International Short Film Festival. If we finish in the top three, we’ll get a cash prize which will help fund the series. Currently we’re in second place. If you have six minutes to help us out and have a few laughs while you’re at it, please click the image below. Thank you!


Vote for Charlotte!


If you’ve been wanting to see Honestly Charlotte, now’s your chance!

We’re in competition in the Big Bang International Short Film Festival. We made it past the first round, and now we’re in the second round, which is determined by audience voting. The films are screening online, and you can watch Honestly Charlotte here for a limited time!

It will take you only 6 minutes and I’m pretty sure it will make you laugh. You do have to register in order to rate the film, but it’s fast and free. The website is largely in Greek, because the festival is based in Greece, but everything you need is also in English.

Thank you and enjoy!